I help people reflect on their current belief systems and evaluate areas they want to convert to happier outcomes. They learn to retrain their mindset through mindful awareness.


my Mission

To help people live their life to the fullest by providing tools to better manage everyday life. Our mindset influences how we perceive, process and react. Often times people make decisions from a place of fear and negativity. I am here to facilitate through training and coaching that a mindset trained with mindfulness will render them happier and more successful in their lives.

Why and how

My clients are looking for the "win" and the joy of every day living not just for a particular situation, project or person, although we can work on that too. We work together to build the confidence needed to trust themselves and the decisions they make personally and professionally as well as the tools to manage the outcome whatever it is through a mindfulness-based approach.

I offer a variety of tools that include, but are not limited to affirmations, exercise, aromatherapy and crystal healing to facilitate their journey to joy.