Here is a small sampling what people are saying about GalandaB...

Galanda is an extremely patient and innovative coach. She has a remarkable way of getting me unstuck and out of my own way. I look forward to bringing my challenges for discussion during our coaching sessions because I know she will not judge or question my ability to figure out solutions on my own. I can always guarantee that I will leave my coaching sessions with Galanda, not only with solutions for challenges presented, but empowered to believe that I am capable of implementing said solutions. You can watch a video testimony from Rachel on YouTube.

- Rachel Barrett-Dolcine, Speaker, Author and Owner of Compass Consulting and Training Solutions

Galanda is a woman after my own heart, a true woman's woman; embodying and exemplifying love and support, empathy and compassion, kindness and wide open arms, understanding and a listening ear, patience, perseverance, and a wealth of knowledge and advice for any situation. She has helped me recognize the elephants in my everyday life, and eat them one bite at a time. Then, she has sent me home with a cutting of something green to add to my garden. My backyard is secretly called my elephant graveyard in gratitude and recognition of my GalandaB. She rocks!!!

- Tammy Groves-ThorntonArtist, Designer, Photographer & Author

One of the things about Galanda is her ability to relate to so many needs at once. Her expertise on things I want to know more about but may not have had time to study, like the newest smartphone, she is my go to. From lifestyle and nutrition to fashion and coaching she is so easy to talk to and she respects time. As a vocalist, I have benefited from her assistance first hand in artist management and in my personal life benefited from her managing the community around my acute health crisis. Galanda's style works for me. Her mind easily gets my ideas and visions and that's priceless.

- Ama Chandra, Singer/Song writer

 I have been gifted the presence of Galanda on several occasions. On life coaching, she was able to get me to shift my thinking to view AND act on things in a more productive manner. At times, I found mysef over analyzing and being unrealistic about things that she later helped me realize was smaller and manageable. This approach to thinking helped me personally as well.

Her technical skills helped saved 2 business and 1 personal computers. I was going to order new ones, but after her assessment she was able to fix the problem and put software in place that systematically handle the causes and maintenance of poor pc performance.

With the gardening, we have been so happy that she assisted our home herb garden and plants as well as our plants at our business. My teenage daughter agrees with me when she says "she makes it simple". I admire how she takes her time to listen intently and apparently responds to your needs while giving you solutions that work for you. I mean my 16 year old has several plants that she enjoys caring for thanks to Galanda.

I honestly don't know what we would have done without her on several occasions. Seriously.

- Cynthia Rumph, Owner of Fashion Spa House and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program Alumni

Galanda is a wonderful person all around! She giving, loving, real, and caring. When you talk to her, you feel like she’s really listening to you....because she is. She doesn’t rush through conversations and calls to check up on you if she hasn’t heard from you in a while; with genuine sincerity. The world needs more of these type of people.

- Krystle Brown, Business owner and performer

Galanda and I have had discussions about gardening, which included but we're not limited to landscape suggestions for my space, and specific inquiries about how soil acidity may have been the cause to the color change of flowers in my yard, or due to pollen deposition on the stigma of flowers.

Galanda was also a tremendous support to me following the loss of one of my brother's. She, was expert not only in her delivery, but her ability to avail professional services with personal care that matched my needs...and far exceeded my expectations.

Galanda's experience, passion and commitment speaks volumes.

- Sharon Childs