Mindfulness based training/coaching

We have a variety of challenges in our lives. Transitioning jobs or relationships, feeling unsure of what should be our next step or beginning a wellness practice can all be difficult to navigate. It is helpful to have a guide who can teach the basics, serve as an accountability partner and provide support as we we implement and move through these changes.

You might already have a mindfulness practice and have difficulty staying with it. Maybe you find it difficult to make decisions and stick to them. Maybe you just want to feel less overwhelmed and reduce stress. Maybe you want to feel more present in the life you have.

Here is how I can help!

I offer both individual and group attention, guidance and instruction with mindfulness as the foundation on the path to reducing stress, feeling more confident and bringing more joy into your daily life. These services are referred to as training/coaching as there is some mindfulness instruction included which is not a part of “traditional” coaching practices.

These services can be helpful for people who are single, married, working or an entrepreneur. It is open to all people regardless of how they identify. Must be 18 years or older to participate.


What do most sessions include?

  • Check in - What is going on in your life? How are the tools you are learning impacting your life?

  • Questions - Are there particular areas of your practice that you have difficulty with, want to work on or areas that you need more clarity?

  • Training/Coaching - These are the tools and techniques to help you to transition to more joyful living. They could include stress management, self care and management of strong/difficult emotions to name a few.

  • Meditations - Live or recorded meditations.

  • Moving Forward - How you will use the tools learned/practiced in a session until the next session.

Individual sessions

Individual session are available in 4, 8 or 12 week packages.

Sessions include:

  • Weekly 50 minute calls via phone or secure video-conference

  • Support customized for your personalized needs

  • Recordings of coaching sessions for your reference

  • Personalized Enneagram report

  • Email support between session

  • Membership in private group

Group session

Group sessions are available in 8 or 12 week cohorts.

Each cohort is limited to 12 participants and includes:

  • Weekly 90 minutes group calls via secure video-conference

  • 1 individual coaching call for the 8 week participants and 2 individual coaching calls for the 12 week participants

  • Recordings of coaching sessions for your reference

  • Personalized Enneagram report

  • Membership in private group

Each package comes with my Mindfulness in a Month course. This 4 week course is an introduction to a mindful practice, learning how to find time for your practice, learning how to move from being “mind-full” to “mindful” and how to better manage your emotions. The course includes optional text reminders for 2 weeks to help with your practice.