Mudra Monday - Madhyama

The Madhyama mudra is associated with the solar plexus chakra which represents the core quality of balanced energy. It means gesture of the middle finger. This mudra is helpful with:

  • Stabilizing your energy level

  • Balancing your giving and receiving

  • Unfolding your potential

  • Supporting digestion


How do I practice the Madhyama Mudra?

  1. Hold your palms just below your breast bone and above your belly button

  2. Curl your 2nd (pointer), ring and pinky fingers back into your palm

  3. Gently lay your thumbs on your folder index (pointer) finger

  4. Bring your middle fingers to touch at the tip

  5. Relax your shoulders back and down.

  6. Allow your elbows to be away from your body pointing toward the sides

  7. Take several natural breaths

More about Madhyama

Practice of this mudra brings focus to our personal power. It supports in evaluating when we need balance in our energy. Which means it helps us also to identify and conserve our energy.The mudra also supports are digestive system which also helps with balancing energy levels. This mudra actives the fire element. It brings the qualities of warmth, light and transformation. The practice of this mudra helps to cultivate your sense of self-esteem, personal power and vitality. Harnessing this energy helps us to allow our talents to emerge.


I am balanced in all levels of my energy and live fully and with vigor.

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For a short guided mindful moment with Madhyama mudra, listen here: Madhyama

I suggest that you practice the Madhyama mudra at least 2-3 times a day for at least one minute. As time permits you can increase the time up to five minutes. Share your experience throughout the week using the hashtag #MudraMonday and #MindsetStrategist on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!



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