Here is a small sampling what people are saying about GalandaB...

Galanda is a woman after my own heart, a true woman's woman; embodying and exemplifying love and support, empathy and compassion, kindness and wide open arms, understanding and a listening ear, patience, perseverance, and a wealth of knowledge and advice for any situation. She has helped me recognize the elephants in my everyday life, and eat them one bite at a time. Then, she has sent me home with a cutting of something green to add to my garden. My backyard is secretly called my elephant graveyard in gratitude and recognition of my GalandaB. She rocks!!!

- Tammy Groves-ThorntonArtist, Designer, Photographer & Author

One of the things about Galanda is her ability to relate to so many needs at once. Her expertise on things I want to know more about but may not have had time to study, like the newest smartphone, she is my go to. From lifestyle and nutrition to fashion and coaching she is so easy to talk to and she respects time. As a vocalist, I have benefited from her assistance first hand in artist management and in my personal life benefited from her managing the community around my acute health crisis. Galanda's style works for me. Her mind easily gets my ideas and visions and that's priceless.
- Ama Chandra, Singer/Song writer