What does a logo really mean?

Have you ever looked at the logo for a business and said to yourself "what the heck does that mean?" I know I sure have! That got me to thinking that maybe some of you might be wondering what my logo means. Let me take a moment to share with you.

It took me a while to come up with a logo as I'm sure it might have been for some of you. I wanted something that was abstract enough to appeal to both men and women. I also wanted the design to reflect connections in some way. Lastly I wanted to select colors that related to what I'm trying to share in my coaching practice. I didn't hire a fancy designer and I didn't do it myself because creation of art is not my lane, I'm on the appreciating of art end of things. I used Fiverr a very popular online marketplace. I went in with open expectations and came out with something that resonates with me.

The end result is exactly what I needed. You will notice that my logo appears as reflection. This represents me as the coach, trainer and facilitator reflecting what I strive to be and the greatness that you possess. Each color has meanings. You can find many of these online with a simple search. However, I chose each deliberately to represent and remind me of how I want to live and help others live.

The color orange represents enthusiasm I bring to each moment in life along with the determination to be my best self and help others do the same. It also represents creativity while on this journey, encouragement to let you know that you are not alone and what each person seeks: happiness. Orange is a color that stimulates the brain. I know that with exercising this muscle more we can show up brighter and better each day of our lives. Orange is also said to increase oxygen supply to the brain. My last home office was a bright orange and I believe that the color helped me to show up greatly in my endeavors. 

Blue is a more calming color. Life needs balance and as much as I appreciate the stimulation and motivation that orange brings, we also need some down time. Blue is said to help slow down your metabolism. It is the color of health, tranquility and understanding. I hope with blue you can feel trust, confidence and have faith in me that I will help you discover your truths with wisdom. 

Although purple is my favorite color, green is truly the color of my nature. I am a plant fanatic, inside and out. All things growing and green are friends to me. Green represents growth, freshness and harmony. It is often associated with safety in addition to nature. My hopes with green is to help you find the emotional and mental stability in your life through a variety of skills that will allow you to endure when times are challenging and revel when times are well. I chose a light aqua for my current office before I really knew what it meant. Now I know that it is associated with emotional healing and protection. Perfect for my personal journey, the journey I want to help others through and as the final representing color of GalandaB.

Now you know that what might initially appear as a random set of shapes and colors is my intent to embody certain characteristics and share them with you. 

If you are interested in exploring how I might help you in your journey, set up a free consultation call with me. I would love to speak with you!