Mudra Monday - Tarjani

The Tarjani mudra is associated with the heart chakra which represents the core quality of opening the heart. It means gesture of the index finger. This mudra is helpful with:

  • Expanding the capacity of your breath

  • Enhancing your level of enthusiasm

  • Releasing constrictions in your chest

  • Supporting optimal cardio-respiratory system


How do I practice the Tarjani Mudra?

  1. Hold your palms just below your breast bone and above your belly button

  2. Gently press the tips of your “pointer” finger together

  3. Curl your middle, ring and pinky fingers back into your palm

  4. Allow your thumbs to rest gently behind your index finger

  5. Relax your shoulders back and down.

  6. Allow your elbows to be away from your body pointing toward the sides

  7. Take several natural breaths

More about Tarjani

Practice of this mudra cultivates the qualities of lightness, ease and sensitivity. This gesture directs the movement of breath upward which helps to provide a sense of enthusiasm and uplifting energy. The mudra supports releasing blocks from the heart chakra areas around the chest, ribs and upper back. This allows us to create the space for our hear to welcome feelings more easily. Cultivating feelings like gratitude, self -acceptance and compassion. It may also help with communing with other beings in more harmony.


I am in tune with my heart and unconditional love emerges naturally.

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For a short guided mindful moment with Tarjani mudra, listen here: Tarjani

I suggest that you practice the Tarjani mudra at least 2-3 times a day for at least one minute. As time permits you can increase the time up to five minutes. Share your experience throughout the week using the hashtag #MudraMonday and #MindsetStrategist on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!



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