What is EFT Tapping?

What the heck is tapping? I've never heard of that! That's got to be a joke right? These are some of the things that crossed my mind when I first learned of EFT tapping. I'm not sure where or how I learned about this technique, but I'm so glad that I did. I do remember a late night conversation on a friend's social media page where I learned another woman had been using tapping to successfully deal with her personal issues. She shared some resources with me that I'm going to share here as well. 

The site that I first read about tapping is http://tap-easy.com/. The initial page doesn't have a lot of explanation on what is tapping, but it did have a free 21-day tapping challenge that was an easy way to get started. I also elected to purchase the EFT book they offered. It is 116 pages and goes into great detail about what is tapping and provides scripts that may work for you. I especially like this as I like to read more than listen to audio or watch a video. Tap easy has many videos that you can choose to purchase to address a variety of issues. There is also videos from Tap Easy on YouTube.

From the Tap Easy email communications I learned about the Tapping Solution. This is another great resource on tapping. This site provides what I believe to be a comprehensive introduction to tapping from the Tapping 101 link on their site. I especially like this video from Jessica Ortner that teaches you the tapping points. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend/watch several sessions from their free world summit. If you missed it there was an opportunity to purchase all the sessions, which I elected not to do. However, if you subscribe to their email newsletter you get a wealth of resources for free. 

I didn't stop there with my research and learning about tapping. EFT Universe has a free manual on EFT. I appreciate that they have a wealth of article links with the case studies and testimonials for using EFT for a variety of issues. There is also more information on the historical perspective of EFT origins. 

EFT is recommended by traditional practitioners and health focused alike. Dr. Mercola has a very insightful post about the effects of anxiety and stress on the brain and how EFT is a simple technique that the whole family can use. You can see a variety of claimed endorsements here. I cannot verify all these claims, but I have seen Donna Eden and Jack Canfield support the benefits of EFT. 

Recently I was experiencing extreme anger and found this script to help provide me with extreme relief from TappingAudio.com . They have a nice free PDF to explain EFT as well as tapping audios and meditations.

I hope these resources are as helpful to you as they were to me. I wouldn't consider myself an expert by any means, but if you want to learn more about my experiences with EFT or talk through why you might be considering EFT, feel free to reach out to me on Facebook Messenger or schedule a free 30 minute coaching consultation