Introducing Slump Buster!

Hey good friends! GalandaB coming to you with an aromatherapy spray that may help your afternoon blues.

Do you struggle with low energy after lunch?

Need a little pick me up?

No coffee needed! Now available in the GalandaB Lifestyle shop are aromatherapy sprays!

The first to be introduced is the Slump Buster.

This combination of frankincense, peppermint and rosemary will give you the boost that you need to continue your day. All you need is to spray a squirt or two on your shoulder or scarf so that you can get whiff as you move. In addition to your personal boost each essential oil has additional history that may prove to be useful in your daily living.

Frankincense has a long history in being used in cultural and religious ceremonies. This scent originates from the Boswellia tree native to Oman and prevalent in northern Somalia. Studies have shown that frankincense to be effective in treating depression. It has also been shown as a remedy for nausea, fever and as a bug repellent. You can read more about it’s benefits in this article by Kirsten Cowart.

Peppermint is a common and well known minty scent known to be uplifting. This oil contains menthol which can help ease headaches and muscle pains. Peppermint is often used to help stimulate and uplift which is why it is included in this blend. You can learn more about peppermint oil from Nature Helps Me.

The last of this blend is rosemary. It is one of my favorite herbs for oils and plants. It is known to boost immunity and increase circulation which can help with headaches. It is used in this blend to help provide mental clarity and help with enhancing memory. Natural Living Ideas has a great article sharing the benefits of rosemary oil.

You can obtain Slump Buster from the Lifestyle Shop..