#RealHappiness Meditation Challenge 2019 - Day 3

Hey folks! In the challenge today we continued on the theme of concentration and the activity was mental noting. Using a simple word or words to help you focus on your breath. I chose the word joy because it resonates deeply with me. It did not disappoint and the level of calm that I felt was almost instantaneous. It was needed too as I had multiple instances of intense emotion today and I want to be on the downside of this energetic ride I'm on. You can read more about my experience in Mental note - Joy once it is published.

Today I laughed as I read The rather long way I settled into my posture - mental nothing meditation by Mur. I found that I had done the same thing, but was oh so less conscious about it. Cher summed up perfectly why I love meditation in Mental noting, third day of challenge. I was intensely moved by Guthrie's From quiet concentration and the contemplation she shared regarding mercy. Betsy kept it short and simple with Be.I was reminded that we can emit peace to others with Om Shanti by Sarah Rae. 

If you would like to purchase the book that this challenge is based on, click on the picture below.

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