#RealHappiness Meditation Challenge 2019 - Day 1

Today I started the Meditation Challenge facilitated by the awesome Sharon Salzberg. If you aren't familiar with her she is a world renowned meditation teacher known for many things, but especially her teaching on loving kindness. The focus of today was to begin exploring concentration through your breath. Although I meditate daily I appreciate challenges and exercises like this one to help center me back to the basics. Today I reaffirmed what breath is to me. No matter what happens in life, I can always count on my breath. You can read more on how breath is peace for me on Sharon's blog. 

I also really enjoy reading how the challenge is experienced by others. I especially enjoyed Concentration through Non-Action by Sarah Rae Newman. This really resonated with me as the message of "wait" and "non-action" has been very strong for me in the past few weeks. I also really enjoyed If You Are Breathing You Can Meditate. It is a reminder of what you can do in this world of cannot. 

Although I am a meditation teacher as well, I am also a student and I appreciate this opportunity to continue to learn for myself and to better show up in this world for my family, friends and students.

If you would like to purchase the book that this challenge is based on, click on the picture below.

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