Mudra Mondays

Welcome joyful beings!

I would like to share my latest offering with you! As a “forever” student I am constantly finding new and interesting things to learn. As part of my regular yoga and meditation practice I use mudras to enhance my practice. Recently they seem to resonate with me more as I found my hands morph themselves into gestures that felt like the right thing to do, yet I had no idea what they meant or were supposed to support. In order to learn more I began my research. The Internet has plenty of information, but I found that Joseph and Lilian Le Page put together the most comprehensive and easy to user resource in their book Mudras for Healing and Transformation.

What is a mudra?

Mudras are conscious and intentional gestures using your hands, face and body that promote spiritual awakening, physical health and psychological balance. The root word “mud" means delight or enchantment and “rati” means to bring forth. Mudras are found in a variety of spiritual traditions although mostly associated with Indian traditions.

Hand gestures are most commonly used to evoke core qualities which are inherent positive qualities. The Sanskrit mudra name is reflective of the quality. For example kapota means “gesture of the dove" and it is the mudra for ahimsa. This gesture is used for cultivating non-violence.

Join me!

I welcome you to come along with me on this journey as I learn about and practice each mudra. I’ve decided that one mudra a week is a great start. That way I can give daily focused practice, at least 3 times a day of about 5 minutes each time, to each mudra.

I welcome you to come along on this learning journey with me each week! Check back weekly for a new mudra.

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