Mindful Moments on IGTV

Guess who's on IGTV?

Yep, yours truly, GalandaB!

What is IGTV? It stands for Instagram TV which has long form (more than a minute) video for you to enjoy without ads.

Why do you care that I'm on it?

Because I'll be sharing "Mindful Moments" on there. You'll learn more about me, my journey with mindfulness and some tips and tools that I use to practice mindfulness in my everyday living.

Ummm, why do I need to know more about mindfulness?

Because it will help you live a more joyful life and give you tools to deal with the not so good times.

Okay, I'm all in! Where do I find it again?

IGTV is available as a separate app or by selecting the icon at the top. It looks like one of these at the top right of your Instagram feed page:

To follow me on Instagram go to @GalandaB.

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