Intention setting is not just for adults

For most, the school has now been in session long enough to settle into a pattern. Children have had enough time to understand their expectations and you have adjusted to the new schedule. Help your children also learn the importance of reflection and goal setting on their road to success. It doesn't have to be long or complex. At my house it is a short list.

  1. First ask your child to think of 3 things that they did well or feel good about so far during the school term and list them.

  2. Next have them think about 3 things they would like to do better or learn to do during this semester. Have a short conversation about each item.

  3. Post the list on a bulletin board or wall where they can see it regularly.

  4. Review the list and pick one item on the list and create a plan to achieve that goal. If you can finish a plan in one sitting, great! If not complete in another sitting with dates so that they have tasks to focus on as they work their plan.

  5. Meet with the child every two weeks for an overall review of the goals and plans.

  6. As they achieve one goal, create a plan for the next goal.

Although this particular plan is for children it can work well for adults as well. Working on being successful doesn't have to be fancy or complex. The first step is simply to start. This method lets you start your new goals on the foundation of what has been good so far.

As a parent, mentor or guide you are a child’s first coach.

If you are looking for a coach to help you meet your goals and intentions for this year, please feel free to fill out an interest form for more information.