#RealHappiness Meditation Challenge 2019 - Day 4 and 5

Day 4

So I didn't write a blog post for day 4. It was a really really long day. Like a 16 hour day. I barely had enough energy to eat. But I did meditate! Day 4 was using counting as part of the meditation. It was different for me because I use counting, but I count as I breath in and count as I breath out for a variety of reasons. This method had you note the word "in" on the in breath and count the number as the out breath. It went like "in, one, in, two, in, three, in, four, in, five," etc. This was very different for me. I think it helped me focus because it wasn't familiar. I can't say it was as comfortable as the other methods so far, but hey, everything isn't for everyone. 

I did enjoy the sentiments in Needlesandherbs post counting and verbal noting. I appreciated SueB's point in #RealHappinessChallenge - Day 4 - numbers that because something doesn't do it for you one time, trying something else and maybe coming back might have a different result. Johnnie_the_poet's honesty in his post Daily Practice Day Four was a refreshing reminder that we are yet still human. My favorite of the day was Victoria Liebertore Sneaking a Prayer.

Day 5

To be honest, I had to do this meditation twice. I did it earlier in the day after a 90 minute yoga practice and I honestly cannot recall what the heck happened! I don't remember falling asleep or waking up. Just that 12 minutes had passed and I needed to clean up my yoga mat and accessories. 

On my second time around it took me several minutes to get settled into a comfortable seated position. I think I fell asleep 2 or 3 or 4 times during a total of 20 minutes. I found the guided portion of the meditation to be very very distracting. Once the guided portion was done I felt more settled into the meditation. I see colors and shapes during meditation generally and today was no exception. I appreciated the transcript the most today. Loving kindness as a practice has been life changing for me. It's not difficult to show loving kindness to myself, but to implement the practice for others has made me more humble. 

Today I was reminded that I can show loving kindness to myself for my own commitments in Day 5 of 28: Loving Kindness by Edith. I enjoyed Dariene's account of the start of her day with the meditation challenge in Day 5 - kindness. Cher's post Day 5 and Buddhist principals resonated with me deeply. Recently I've been pondering and ruminating on the similarities in various practices and the resistance by some to very helpful practices simply due to the language. This was an opportunity to give thanks for variety. Denise E shared Magic Moments - in Schools which provided a great opening to see meditation from several different perspectives. 

If you would like to join the challenge, click here

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#RealHappiness Meditation Challenge 2019 - Day 3

Hey folks! In the challenge today we continued on the theme of concentration and the activity was mental noting. Using a simple word or words to help you focus on your breath. I chose the word joy because it resonates deeply with me. It did not disappoint and the level of calm that I felt was almost instantaneous. It was needed too as I had multiple instances of intense emotion today and I want to be on the downside of this energetic ride I'm on. You can read more about my experience in Mental note - Joy once it is published.

Today I laughed as I read The rather long way I settled into my posture - mental nothing meditation by Mur. I found that I had done the same thing, but was oh so less conscious about it. Cher summed up perfectly why I love meditation in Mental noting, third day of challenge. I was intensely moved by Guthrie's From quiet concentration and the contemplation she shared regarding mercy. Betsy kept it short and simple with Be.I was reminded that we can emit peace to others with Om Shanti by Sarah Rae. 

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#RealHappiness Meditation Challenge 2019 - Day 2

Today was hectic. Like amazingly on the move, not home but for 10 minutes between 8:30 am and 11 pm hectic. I loved every moment because I was helping friends live their dreams and catching up. However, I was anxious because other than my daily mindfulness, which I love, I did not have any meditation time until almost 11:30 pm. Even on the craziest days I am able to get 5 minutes here and there of focused meditation. Well when I finally was able to log in and listen to today's topic I was super excited! The focus continues on concentration and the method of meditation today was hearing meditation. Where have I been that I have not been using this?!? I mean I was able to get to a state of relaxation and calm in record time with little to no effort. When I say relaxation, I mean RELAXATION. Generally it takes me at least 10 minutes not to feel most tension in my body but not this time! My goodness it was amazing and I will absolutely be using this DAILY. 

You can view my short summary of my #RealHappiness experience today on Sharon’s blog here: So excited!

There were several posts by participants that I related to today. When Life Happens All At Once by Sarah was like we were experiencing the same day in a different space. I needed to meditate earlier in the day, but I felt that I lacked the time. She captured so perfectly how meditation enhances what you need so time must be made. 

Another Sarah reflected exactly how I felt when I started meditating regularly a little less than a year ago in Didn't Realize How Poor My Concentration Had Gotten. I wish her nothing but joy. 

I also connected to Mike as I could hear my heartbeat also as he described in Hearing everything and nothing. Normally I try to tune it out by focusing on my breath, which is not an easy thing to do, but today I allowed my self to follow the sound without reacting, just noticing and in less breaths than I could count I could no longer hear it! 

I forgot yesterday to post the link to the challenge, so if you would like to join, you should here

If you would like to purchase the book that this challenge is based on, click on the picture below.

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#RealHappiness Meditation Challenge 2019 - Day 1

Today I started the Meditation Challenge facilitated by the awesome Sharon Salzberg. If you aren't familiar with her she is a world renowned meditation teacher known for many things, but especially her teaching on loving kindness. The focus of today was to begin exploring concentration through your breath. Although I meditate daily I appreciate challenges and exercises like this one to help center me back to the basics. Today I reaffirmed what breath is to me. No matter what happens in life, I can always count on my breath. You can read more on how breath is peace for me on Sharon's blog. 

I also really enjoy reading how the challenge is experienced by others. I especially enjoyed Concentration through Non-Action by Sarah Rae Newman. This really resonated with me as the message of "wait" and "non-action" has been very strong for me in the past few weeks. I also really enjoyed If You Are Breathing You Can Meditate. It is a reminder of what you can do in this world of cannot. 

Although I am a meditation teacher as well, I am also a student and I appreciate this opportunity to continue to learn for myself and to better show up in this world for my family, friends and students.

If you would like to purchase the book that this challenge is based on, click on the picture below.

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Mindfulness and Handwriting

The Technology Effect

With technology being at our fingertips the art of handwriting is often traded for a text or an email. It is so easy to quickly send a message or write a note with all the devices available to us. Technology has advanced and made communication so accessible that many times we don’t even type and “face time” each other via video chat instead. This increased usage and dependence on technology could be hindering our brain development.

Why handwriting

However, science has shown that writing by hand improves our brain function by increasing neural activity. One study from Indiana University shows that handwriting stimulates creativity in ways not accessed by other methods. We can counteract and even stimulate our thinking and improve our level of intelligence by writing by hand. In addition to getting smarter, writing by hand can also help ease stress and trauma. Writing by hand also forces us to be in the moment. It is a great way to practice mindfulness as we coordinate our present thoughts with the act and motion of writing. Handwriting forces one to slow down and be in the moment. According to Dr. Claudia Aquirre, handwriting is a type of repetitive tasks that allows our mind a bit of rest and be in the moment.

What do I do

I won’t try and fake it. I love typing! I can get my thoughts out so much faster. Often times I don’t even look at the screen or the keyboard, I just close my eyes and type. However, writing in my journal daily gives me a pause in the evening to slow down. I write down things much more often during the day when I’m working at my desk. I write on envelopes, scraps of paper, notepads, sticky notes or whatever. I enjoy looking at my handwriting. I enjoy the process of writing. It truly is meditation for me. I further enhance and enjoy the process by having lots of different color pens and markers to write with. This does not mean I give my technology the boot. Those hand written lists or quick notes often times gets transferred to an electronic source later. But more times than not they start off as handwriting.

How can I get started?

If you do not have a journal practice or don’t typically write things down here are a few tips to get started:

  • Hand write your daily to do list

  • Download and use my Simple Journal Template

  • Write a thank-you note to a friend or family member

Any of these can help you start to improve your daily life and move toward more mindful living.

You can learn other useful tips like this one to increase your mindful living in my FREE 7-day course Chaos to Calm.

If you are embarking on a new season or new endeavors and would like support in your process, please schedule a 30 minute free consultation call with me. I’ve been down a few paths and I would love to help you navigate yours!

Meditation in moments

You have wanted to meditate, but have no clue when you have the time. You think that you need hours or at the very least 30 minutes. I’m here to share that you don’t. Mindfulness is a form of meditation that you can do anywhere at anytime. Jenny Everett at Women’s Health has outlined several ways that you can do this. Some of my favorites include mindfulness in bed in the morning before getting up, mindfulness in the shower and mindfulness while eating. If you are interested in learning more about how you can incorporate mindful meditation in your daily life, check out You Definitely Don't Need To Meditate For An Hour.

Comment below on how you incorporate mindfulness in your daily life. You can also share your story on Facebook or Instagram as well.

Introducing Slump Buster!

Hey good friends! GalandaB coming to you with an aromatherapy spray that may help your afternoon blues.

Do you struggle with low energy after lunch?

Need a little pick me up?

No coffee needed! Now available in the GalandaB Lifestyle shop are aromatherapy sprays!

The first to be introduced is the Slump Buster.

This combination of frankincense, peppermint and rosemary will give you the boost that you need to continue your day. All you need is to spray a squirt or two on your shoulder or scarf so that you can get whiff as you move. In addition to your personal boost each essential oil has additional history that may prove to be useful in your daily living.

Frankincense has a long history in being used in cultural and religious ceremonies. This scent originates from the Boswellia tree native to Oman and prevalent in northern Somalia. Studies have shown that frankincense to be effective in treating depression. It has also been shown as a remedy for nausea, fever and as a bug repellent. You can read more about it’s benefits in this article by Kirsten Cowart.

Peppermint is a common and well known minty scent known to be uplifting. This oil contains menthol which can help ease headaches and muscle pains. Peppermint is often used to help stimulate and uplift which is why it is included in this blend. You can learn more about peppermint oil from Nature Helps Me.

The last of this blend is rosemary. It is one of my favorite herbs for oils and plants. It is known to boost immunity and increase circulation which can help with headaches. It is used in this blend to help provide mental clarity and help with enhancing memory. Natural Living Ideas has a great article sharing the benefits of rosemary oil.

You can obtain Slump Buster from the Lifestyle Shop..

Mindfulness with Love Water & Juice

Recently I was at a favorite neighborhood spot with friends. This place is an experience so I hesitate to call it a coffee shop or diner. The owners have made a commitment to not only live in the neighborhood, but also impact the neighborhood. During this shared camaraderie at Dovecote Cafe I purchased  Love Water & Juice on this day and a new love affair has begun. 

First and foremost this beverage was amazing. This beverage was so refreshing and delicious I was mad that I didn't purchase several more bottles to take home with me. I looked at the empty bottle for several days longing for the great feeling I had after consuming this innovative combination. Then one day it hit me. Until I was able to return to Dovecote, I could make a version of my own. 

Disclaimer: Now, I am not saying that you should go out, find stuff you like and copy it and cease supporting the original. Totally NOT. What I am sharing is how I came up for a substitute until I can get back and stock up on the original. It's also why I'm making sure to link to the producer because nothing I make or you, will compare with the time, effort and innovation that the creators put into giving us this blessing. 

Now that you have the background, I realized that I have fresh rosemary on my porch, lemons in my fridge, ginger simple syrup and water so I elected to put together a "hold over" version until I can get my hands on the original again. It also got me to thinking about the amazing benefits of the ingredients that were chosen. See I am intent on practicing mindfulness in every area of my life. I take a few moments and observe and reflect on whatever I am doing and consuming. 

The creators of this tonic blessed us with all types of goodness. Let's reflect on the ingredients they selected for us. 



Lemon: The scent is crisp and helps promote alertness. It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It promotes hydration and can freshen your breath! It is also vitamin C rich and helps to neutralize the not good stuff that floats around. 



The scent from this herb stimulates memory and facilitates clear thinking helping to sharpen your focus and aid with productivity. It can be used to treat digestive issues and muscle pain. It can also be used to balance skin and nourish hair. 



The zingiber officinale, the botanical name for ginger embodies the "zing" that this spice carries. Like rosemary it is an analgesic, which means it can act to relieve pain. It has been used medicinally for a long time to treat digestive issues, inflammation and nausea It is also a great taste compliment to lemon. 

These ingredients are beneficial in treating seasonal affective disorder (lemon in particular) and as preventative measures and treatment for a season that tends towards higher rates of transmitting illness. 

I am so thankful to the creators of Love Water & Juice because their product not only provided me with a blessed sensory experience, but also allowed me to further delve into the benefits of the ingredients that they chose and encouraged me to increase my intake and use. 

If you are embarking on a new season or new endeavors and would like support in your process, please schedule a 30 minute free consultation call with me. I’ve been down a few paths and I would love to help you navigate yours!

Hello Next Phase! - Mindful Musing and goodbye to 44

Who knew that as I entered my next revolution around the sun I would be a sage burning, crystal carrying, mindfulness meditation chick. Had someone told me this even a year ago I probably would have looked at them sideways. The truth though is elements of all of these things I've carried with me through different times in my life and now seems to be the time for them to converge and create an evolved me. I don't believe I am a new person or different from what I've been so much as I am feeling transformed.  Learning about the practice of mindfulness has given me new breath and new vision. I am thankful for it.

There is no time limit for change. There is no such thing in my mind as too late to do something different. I believe that when your spirit tells you that what you are doing isn't for you anymore that you can choose, plan and implement that change. The decision to make a change for me right now is not the first one and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Many think I’m crazy to leave a career in IT to be a mindfulness trainer and life coach, but it feels so natural and right for me.

I've learned a lot about myself and others this past year and there is so much more to learn. It has been the most challenging time in my life, but I am coming out on the other side, feeling lighter and brighter and filled with more love and purpose than I ever thought possible. Mindfulness has been the fertile ground to help me grow into this. The unknown is so exciting and what I do know I yearn to know more.

My life is not perfect. I still have some trials in my path, but I feel very certain that in this leg of my journey that what I do in this world is going to change lives for the better. I welcome what is to come with open arms and I hope to see you all as I move along the path.

Happy New Year to me!

If you are embarking on a new season or new endeavors and would like support in your process, please schedule a 30 minute free consultation call with me. I’ve been down a few paths and I would love to help you navigate yours!

Evaluate your Life Day - October 19th

Evaluate your life day happens to be on my birthday every year! Yep, that’s right, you too can share in my annual self evaluation thanks to this day made up by Thomas & Ruth Roy, under the name of Wellcat Holidays & Herbs. To make it easier for you to take an assessment I’ve included 19 questions, in honor of the 19th day, that you can use to help evaluate your life perspective and to identify areas you can put more attention towards.

Here is a snippet of the questions:

What, or who, are you most thankful for? - Starting off anything with what you are grateful for sets a positive tone and foundation that you can surely build upon

In which areas (s) did you thrive? - Highlighting what went right can help re-wire your brain towards positive solutions

In which areas did you struggle? - Taking an objective analysis of areas that need improvement gives you a plan for doing better

What was your most common mental state this year (e.g., excited, curious, stressed)? - This question helps you understand how you are living and approaching each day

What advice would you have given yourself at the beginning of this year if you could? - Here you give yourself the opportunity to advise yourself based on what you know about the choices you made. This is an opportunity to see if you need to make some adjustments going forward.

You can download the full list here: Self Evaluation

The list is geared toward a yearly self evaluation, but can certainly be used more often or as needed.

If after completing this evaluation you think you may need help shifting your thinking or getting unstuck, be sure to contact me for a free 30-minute consultation.

Intention setting is not just for adults

For most, the school has now been in session long enough to settle into a pattern. Children have had enough time to understand their expectations and you have adjusted to the new schedule. Help your children also learn the importance of reflection and goal setting on their road to success. It doesn't have to be long or complex. At my house it is a short list.

  1. First ask your child to think of 3 things that they did well or feel good about so far during the school term and list them.

  2. Next have them think about 3 things they would like to do better or learn to do during this semester. Have a short conversation about each item.

  3. Post the list on a bulletin board or wall where they can see it regularly.

  4. Review the list and pick one item on the list and create a plan to achieve that goal. If you can finish a plan in one sitting, great! If not complete in another sitting with dates so that they have tasks to focus on as they work their plan.

  5. Meet with the child every two weeks for an overall review of the goals and plans.

  6. As they achieve one goal, create a plan for the next goal.

Although this particular plan is for children it can work well for adults as well. Working on being successful doesn't have to be fancy or complex. The first step is simply to start. This method lets you start your new goals on the foundation of what has been good so far.

As a parent, mentor or guide you are a child’s first coach.

If you are looking for a coach to help you meet your goals and intentions for this year, please feel free to fill out an interest form for more information.

Mindful Moments on IGTV

Guess who's on IGTV?

Yep, yours truly, GalandaB!

What is IGTV? It stands for Instagram TV which has long form (more than a minute) video for you to enjoy without ads.

Why do you care that I'm on it?

Because I'll be sharing "Mindful Moments" on there. You'll learn more about me, my journey with mindfulness and some tips and tools that I use to practice mindfulness in my everyday living.

Ummm, why do I need to know more about mindfulness?

Because it will help you live a more joyful life and give you tools to deal with the not so good times.

Okay, I'm all in! Where do I find it again?

IGTV is available as a separate app or by selecting the icon at the top. It looks like one of these at the top right of your Instagram feed page:

To follow me on Instagram go to @GalandaB.

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Joy Trigger for Chrome by Thrive Global

I read an article on Ariana Huffington and her experience making it big and at what price. I love her most recent efforts with Thrive Global and the focus on health and well-being. 

One of the steps I've taken is to install the Joy Trigger to my Chrome browser. I'm a person who typically has at least 10 windows open at the same time. Joy Trigger reminds me to slow down, take a break and think about myself and well being. 

Plus, who doesn't like cute animals? The tips are short and to the point and easy to implement. For example, this morning I attempted 10 push ups, sit up and squats. Now the tip said to do one of the 3, but I'm an over achiever!

The point is though, I stopped what I was doing and did a little bit for my health and it felt good!

If you could use a non-intrusive reminder to take care of yourself, consider adding the Joy Trigger to your browser. 

What is EFT Tapping?

What the heck is tapping? I've never heard of that! That's got to be a joke right? These are some of the things that crossed my mind when I first learned of EFT tapping. I'm not sure where or how I learned about this technique, but I'm so glad that I did. I do remember a late night conversation on a friend's social media page where I learned another woman had been using tapping to successfully deal with her personal issues. She shared some resources with me that I'm going to share here as well. 

The site that I first read about tapping is http://tap-easy.com/. The initial page doesn't have a lot of explanation on what is tapping, but it did have a free 21-day tapping challenge that was an easy way to get started. I also elected to purchase the EFT book they offered. It is 116 pages and goes into great detail about what is tapping and provides scripts that may work for you. I especially like this as I like to read more than listen to audio or watch a video. Tap easy has many videos that you can choose to purchase to address a variety of issues. There is also videos from Tap Easy on YouTube.

From the Tap Easy email communications I learned about the Tapping Solution. This is another great resource on tapping. This site provides what I believe to be a comprehensive introduction to tapping from the Tapping 101 link on their site. I especially like this video from Jessica Ortner that teaches you the tapping points. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend/watch several sessions from their free world summit. If you missed it there was an opportunity to purchase all the sessions, which I elected not to do. However, if you subscribe to their email newsletter you get a wealth of resources for free. 

I didn't stop there with my research and learning about tapping. EFT Universe has a free manual on EFT. I appreciate that they have a wealth of article links with the case studies and testimonials for using EFT for a variety of issues. There is also more information on the historical perspective of EFT origins. 

EFT is recommended by traditional practitioners and health focused alike. Dr. Mercola has a very insightful post about the effects of anxiety and stress on the brain and how EFT is a simple technique that the whole family can use. You can see a variety of claimed endorsements here. I cannot verify all these claims, but I have seen Donna Eden and Jack Canfield support the benefits of EFT. 

Recently I was experiencing extreme anger and found this script to help provide me with extreme relief from TappingAudio.com . They have a nice free PDF to explain EFT as well as tapping audios and meditations.

I hope these resources are as helpful to you as they were to me. I wouldn't consider myself an expert by any means, but if you want to learn more about my experiences with EFT or talk through why you might be considering EFT, feel free to reach out to me on Facebook Messenger or schedule a free 30 minute coaching consultation



Guess Who is on Amazon Alexa???

Today is a grand day!

I am the spotlight coach for The Sophia School on Amazon Alexa this month! In addition to Coach Sophia Casey's excellent content including a 5-day challenge and Mojo Minutes you can hear my Mindful Moments. These are 90-second segments to help you move towards an affirming mindset through the tool of mindfulness.

I am super excited and I hope you are too. Click on the link for The Sophia School
 to add the skill to your Alexa and let's get started!

7 tips to reduce daily stress

Stress is the number one health concern in society today. It has been shown to be a contributing factor towards the top causes of death including heart disease, suicide and even accidents. 

Use the following tips to keep stress at bay.

Tip #1 - Tune into your Body 

Our daily lives have us rushing around barely processing one action before moving on to the next. Before you leave the house or start your work at home routine give a few moments to mentally connect to your body. Stand or sit in a relaxed and upright position. Begin at your feet and think about how they are connected to the floor grounding yourself. As you breath deeply in and out mentally imagine your breath moving up your body taking stock of how you feel. There is no judgement during this time, simply taking stock and mental notes for use later. The focus is on your physical body. Once you make it to your head take 2-3 breaths thanking yourself for taking this time and thanking your body for supporting you.

Tip #2 - Breath

We take breathing very lightly and cavalierly until there is some challenge. The processing of air is an essential function. As adults we rush through and often do not breath properly. When taking a "breath" break you should visualize your lungs expanding as they fill with air as you breath in similar to a balloon. Exhale slowly imagining your breath is like mini energy shots you are sending through your body. These energy jolts are emerging like haze from your skin giving you and energy boost. In this tip the focus is on the breath and the power it holds as you distribute it through your body.

Tip #3 - Laugh

This is a great quick fix stress reliever that you can use throughout the day. When you find your stress levels rising it is time to break that energy. Laughter and even a smile is shown to increase endorphins which counteract cortisol which is produced when stress occurs. Set the timer on your phone for 7 minutes to keep you accountable so you won't find yourself 20 minutes later still taking a break. With 7 minutes that gives you a 3 minute buffer  to get back on track. Now find a video of pets, pranks, babies or whatever tickles your funny bone and enjoy!

Tip #4 - Meditate

Many people believe that meditation is some complex, esoteric activity that is beyond them. In fact meditation is a simple practice that anyone can do. Meditation in its simplest terms is focusing on a particular thought, sight or sound. Note that I said practice because there is no perfecting it you simply work to improve. In order to meditate you need a space to be uninterrupted and as little as one minute. During that time select what you will focus on and think about only that. You can meditate to sounds such as water, traffic or even a printer printing! You can select a picture or a tree to view. The goal here is to ponder with intention on that single thing. Your mind may wander and that is okay. Treat those wandering thoughts like passing scenery during a drive. You saw them, you recognize they are there, but you still bring your focus back to the road ahead of you. Focusing on a single thought reduces brain activity which can help to reduce stress.

Tip #5 - Be present 

This is my favorite stress tip to use during meals. Similar to meditation, the choice to focus your brain activity on a single act reduces stress. The difference between being present and meditation is that you are actively engaging and noticing the moments. Put your devices aside during a meal and let your brain be the only computer in use. Take time to look at your food and observe the colors and textures. Take notice how it does or does not smell before you take a bite. Take bites no larger than a tablespoon and notice how the food feels in your mouth and how it makes you feel to experience eating it. Note how you feel when finish eating. Be present.

Tip #6 - Get moving 

Many times stress is caused by the inability to move or stagnation. Stagnation means the lack of activity, growth or development. This lack of movement could be emotional, mental or physical. Physical movement can help break up stagnation no matter what the type and get your chi (life force) moving again. In an office setting this could be walking to the break room on the opposite side of your building for coffee or tea. Parking your car further away and taking a stroll to your car for a break. At home you could walk to your mailbox, circle your home a couple of times or even do a few repetitions of walking up and down the stairs. Children are generally happy most when they are moving because their chi is allowed to move freely and continuously. As we age we restrict our movement more and more essentially making our souls constipated. Take a page from your youth and get moving!

Tip #7 - Be Grateful 

Sounds simple, but intentionally being thankful for the positive in our lives is often overlooked. It can be a challenge to vibrate at higher, positive levels when the environments around us seems to thrive at lower frequencies. However, small consistent practice can help reduce your short term and long term stress. Recording what you are grateful for serves to immediately reduce stress and provides a long term foundation you can turn to in times of greater stress. Sticky notes are a great low cost option. Journals and even a note taking app like Evernote is a great place to store your grateful moments. A grateful jar can be a time capsule that you can review periodically. Your grateful notes can be as simple as "I'm grateful for electricity." "I'm grateful I avoided an accident on the way to work." "I am grateful my favorite shirt was clean today." "I'm grateful that person held the door for me." The goal is to chronicle the good in your life in the moment and for reflection in times where you need a little more to get your focus back positive and counteract stress.

Now go get started using these 7 ways to reduce your daily stress as you move toward the path of living your best life. I would love to hear how you reduce stress. Let me know in the comments, Twitter or on Facebook.