Top 5 reasons you should be using Google Keep


Who needs sticky notes for your everyday life? I know that I do and Google Keep is the app that fills the need perfectly. Keep can help you document all the randomness in your life without a lot of fuss or hassle. Need to make a grocery list? Need to remember a phone number on a sign? Want to remind yourself of a thought to explore later? Love the design setup in a store display? Keep puts it all at the tip of your fingers.

Reason #1 - Ease of use.

There is practically no learning curve to start using it right away. Five simple options to create a note are available:

Keep Options
Keep Options
  1. Start typing a note - great way to quickly type a short note
  2. Create a list with check boxes - the only way to make a grocery list and stick to it for me
  3. Write/draw your note - for the doodler or person that likes that pen and paper feel
  4. Record a note - hands free (as in no typing). Keep will record the audio and provide a talk-to-text version of what you say
  5. Take a picture note - allows you have the visual and notes together in one place

Reason #2 - Consistent across platforms.

The look, feel and functionality is the same on a variety of devices and operating systems. You can access you notes on Android and Apple mobile devices as well as desktop devices with ease.

Reason #3 - Great search function.

Google's OCR is fast and allows for search of text even within images. No need to add extra tags and keywords to your notes.

Reason #4 - Color coding.

This allows you to quickly and easily visually organize your notes. I like to use orange for food and green for gardening.


Reason #5 - Easy to share.

Sharing via email, social media platforms and cloud storage accounts takes a few simple clicks. That great recipe or pic of the awesome tea you had today can be shared in moments.


Bonus reason!!!

Daily reminders. Decided to do that 30 day ab or yoga challenge, but can't figure how you are going to remember what to do on what day? Save that screenshot to Keep and set a daily reminder to keep you on track. This is one of my favorite features. I no longer have an excuse not to complete the challenge and I can easily share it with friends.


Now that you are ready to use this great app get it from the iTunes App Store or from the Google Play Store.

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