How online sources can save you time

I don't have time to cook. I don't have time to read my emails. I don't have time to save my pictures. I don't have time, I don't have time, I DON'T HAVE TIME!!! We all have been there and we all are constantly looking for ways to save or make more time. Well Elise Moreau recently published a great article that can help us.

Elise's article is well worth the 5 minutes to improve your life. She did a great job and I have used some version of each her suggestion personally and want to share how I implemented her suggestions.

The first two suggestions are mostly for bloggers and those who have a social media presence. I can definitely say using HootSuite, to schedule and automate post as well as to cross-post has been a great help as I work through my new blogger journey.

The next suggestion is to budget and pay bills online. We've all heard this before, but I have a little tip. You don't have to auto-pay everything. Pick a few bills that you've budgeted for and start with those. As time goes on you mind find that you are able to auto-pay and keep up with paying bills much easier. Even if you don't want to auto-pay, keep a log of what you need to pay and why. I use Google's online spreadsheet to list every bill, the balance, the monthly amount and the day it should be paid by. I include a comments section where I enter the date and payment confirmation each month once the payment is made and update the balance. This can also be a life saver if for some reason someone else needs to take over paying bills at some point and time.

Her next suggestion is syncing your to-do list with your calendar. This I haven't done and will be working on shortly. I struggle like many others of having a simple to-do list that is integrated with my calendar, so I'll be taking her up on her suggestion and checking out gTasks very soon.

Next is checking the traffic and weather. She's suggested several great options, but I simply use  cards to keep track of all of that and my appointments for the day.

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