#EvernoteEveryDay - Day 5: Student Success

The largest population that has a need for keeping thorough and accessible notes is students. It does not matter if you are a traditional student, continuing education or mature student while working. The fact remains you need a central place to keep not only your notes, but also any documents associated with a course. 

I personally have used Evernote for my traditional Biology course as well as to study for the PMP exam for example. It allowed me to have everything with me all the time so that I could study whenever I had a free moment. You can keep copies of handouts and other course related documents in a note. If you are a person who prefers to take notes on paper initially you can still get the advantages of having notes in Evernote. You can take a picture/scan your paper notes and keep them in notebook. If the instructor draws images on the board, you can snap those and keep those pictures in Evernote as well. 

Take a look at examples of how I used Evernote to take notes: 

In addition to keeping the notes in Evernote you can use reminders to help you remember what to study. If you missed how to use reminders, check out the post #EvernoteEveryDay - Reminders

Now if you still haven't gotten Evernote, go ahead and sign up here: Evernote via Bytes and Buds and get started with using #EvernoteEveryDay. If you are a student, sign up with your school email for a chance for a discount.

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NOTE: The link to sign up for Evernote above is an affiliate link.