#EvernoteEveryDay - Day 4: Reminders

This is a feature that everyone can and should use. Need to remember to write/publish that blog post? Need to pick up the items from the grocery store? Need to remember to call and check if you have to report for jury duty?

You can create a reminder in as little as 5 steps.

  1. Click on the clock icon

  2. Select Set DateDate

  3. Select the date

  4. Select the time

  5. Select Save

That's it and that's all folks. Take any note and make a reminder of it. No need to clutter up your calendar or download another app. Let Evernote help you every day!

Now if you still haven't gotten Evernote, go ahead and sign up here: Evernote via Bytes and Buds and get started with using #EvernoteEveryDay

NOTE: The link to sign up for Evernote above is an affiliate link.