Coming Soon!

I'm so excited! I've attempted several times before, but this is the year that my blog will come to fruition. I'm so grateful to Mattie James and her #BlogGoals course that gave me the tools, focus and kick start that I needed for this seed to grow. I'm thankful to all the friends and family who have listened to me ramble about growing flowers and veggies and trusted me enough to advise them on computers and technology for their personal lives and small businesses.

Most importantly I am thankful to my husband who supports me in the crazy array of interest that I have and always lets me know that whatever I want to do that I can achieve.

Thank you all so much as your support is the foundation of which this blog is built!

If you would like to learn more about courses offered by Mattie, visit her at Masterclasses. If you would like to know more about her, visit her at Mattieologie.

To see some of the hubby's great photo work (of which you will see plenty here soon) check out his Paul Bryan Photography Facebook page.