Budget gardening - Materials

So you want a garden. You dream of fresh veggies, herbs and flowers, but don't see where you have the space or time (because time is money too!). Everyone can have a garden! You can have a mini garden in the same amount of time the commercials play during your favorite 30 minute TV show. What you need: Containers - These don't have to be fancy. It can be anything from an old office trash can to a storage tub to an empty coffee container. You can go with a big old tub or art deco pots.  You decide based on your space and what you want to grow.

Empty rinsed out plastic water/soda bottles - these will be used to cut down on your need for watering

Scissors - to cut the plastic bottles

Hammer and large nail - to create drainage holes in non-traditional containers

Coarse rocks/foam peanuts - to put in containers where you rather not create drainage holes and to save money on the amount of soil used.

Seeds/seedlings - depends on howmuch work you have time for. If your time is extremely limited then seedlings, which are small/baby plants, are the choice for you. If you have a bit of patience and time or maybe your using this as a project with your kids try your hand with seeds. You can obtain seeds and/or seedlings from the Dollar Store, nurseries, local home improvement stores, the grocery store, online and local community organizations.

Soil/compost - if you have access to relatively rock free and loose soil from somewhere free, use that. Community organizations often have giveaways of soil and compost as well. If neither of those options are available pick some soil up from any of the same places you can obtain seeds and seedlings.

Need to print a checklist for these items? View here and print from Google Docs.

Happy Gardening!