5 easy steps for no hassle watering

Most people that I chat with claim they have a "brown: thumb. After a few more minutes I learn the real problem is that most people don't have time or don't remember to water their plants. There are options like watering bulbs and globes, but why spend money when you likely have items in your home that you can use TODAY that you can use.

My personal favorite is a wine bottle! Yep, that's right a good ole empty wine bottle. Now if you aren't a wine drinker and prefer other beverages like soda, beer or cider those containers will work too. I am partial to glass containers, but plastic ones will work as well. The steps are simple:

  1. Drink wine (or other beverage)

  2. Rinse container thoroughly

  3. Fill container with water

  4. Stick bottle in soil neck down at about a 30 degree angle

  5. Relax and enjoy no watering

No strings, no catch that's it! This works for houseplants, outdoor container plants and in-ground plantings as well.

Some additional tips to customize your watering solution:

  • Put a folded coffee filter over the neck of the bottle and secure with a rubber band to slow down the release rate of the water and keep dirt from entering the bottle

  • Spray paint the bottle to match your decor or give it a festive approach

  • Use different sizes and shapes of bottles to provide additional decoration around the plant

If you don't drink coffee, filters are relatively inexpensive or you can try and claim a few of the used filters from your office break room. Used tea bags could work also even though they may be more difficult to secure.

Either way, this solution will allow you minimize your watering troubles indoors and out.

Happy drinking! (for you and the plants!)