Blog or Diary, coaching, birthday month and other musings

Today I started a coaching program. Although a coach myself, I felt strongly that I needed to have a formal coaching relationship with someone because it would add to my skills and help me be a better coach. After day 1, I'm convinced I made the right decision. Not because it was so spectacular or insightful, but because I can see how this will open me and my mind to bigger and better things. I look forward to being more open so that I can do more and contribute more.

I wanted to share this insight and initially started a Facebook post and then decided to share here on my blog. This is where the blog or diary thought came about. I've done a lot of research over the past year on how to be successful online and having a very focused and "niche" blog is one strategy. Well, I think I'm going to buck this mold. GalandaB is about living your best life and here is where I'm going to share some of that life. I know a lot of it will be good, but some of it may not rank high on the happiness scale. Living your best life doesn't mean that you are always happy. It means that you strive for YOUR happy, whatever that means. I know for anyone I come in contact with family, friend or client I hope that peace is part of that happiness.

As for the birthday month it is day 2 and it has already been FULL of activity with so much more to come. I love being busy, but I am realizing as I reflect on my previous year and plan for the next that I do not allot enough time to do nothing. I believe this is a lesson I need to learn better and I'm going to strive toward it. Part of that step is I plan to go to a few shows this month. My responsibility will be to do no more than enjoy the artistry of others. 

I'm curious, do other folks have serious reflective period around their birthday? What do you think about? Share what you ponder on around your birthday in the comments below. 

#ThanksForListening #LiveYourBestLife