Hey folks! These are products that I use and love. I have found value in them and now I’m sharing it with you too!



This is by far my number 1 tool. I would not be able to function without Evernote. It is literally my EVERYTHING! I write my ideas, blogs and training notes in Evernote. I save all my training materials in Evernote. I even keep a backup copy of my receipts in Evernote. I keep important home documents in Evernote. There is next to nothing that I don’t use Evernote for!



The variety of talent available at Fiverr and the speed at which they get it done is phenomenal! I have used them for several logo request, original and remakes as well as design for t


seeds now

This is my absolute favorite seed shop! First they are non-GMO. Next they have a large variety. They include sizes that allow you to try different things without breaking the bank. I also love that they are so personal. Every order I have a few words hand written on my invoice that makes me feel very connected. They also have excellent customer service! Gardening is one of the keys to my mindfulness journey so a good resources for seeds is a must.